Nanosep, Nanosep MF and NAB Centrifugal Devices, Pall Laboratory

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
OD003C35 OD300C34 OD030C35 ODM45C33 OD030C33 ODPTFE04C35 OD010C33 ODM02C35 OD003C34 ODM45C34 OD003C33 OD100C33 OD030C35 ODM02C33 ODM45C33 ODM45C35 OD010C34 ODPTFE04C34 OD300C33 OD300C35 OD010C34 OD003C34 OD300C33 OD030C34 OD100C35 OD003C35 OD100C33 ODPTFE02C34 ODM02C34 ODM45C35 ODM45C34 ODPTFE02C35 OD100C34 OD030C33 ODM02C34 OD003C33 OD010C33 OD100C34 ODM02C33 OD010C35 ODM02C35 OD300C35 OD030C34 OD300C34 OD010C35 OD100C35
CA29300-640PK 160.72 CAD
CA29300-640 29300-630 29300-632 CA29300-620 CA29300-642 29300-610 CA29300-622 29300-634 29300-612 CA29300-644 29300-614 CA29300-624 CA29300-646 29300-636 29300-638 CA29300-648 CA29300-626 CA29300-628 CA29300-606 CA29300-608 76308-654 76308-656 76308-658 29300-640 29300-620 29300-642 29300-644 CA29300-630 29300-622 CA29300-610 29300-646 CA29300-632 29300-624 29300-626 CA29300-612 29300-648 CA29300-634 29300-628 76308-660 29300-606 CA29300-636 CA29300-614 29300-608 CA29300-638 29301-782 CA29300-618
Nanosep, Nanosep MF and NAB Centrifugal Devices, Pall Laboratory
Filters Centrifugal Filters
Simple, reliable processing samples of 50 to 500 μl.

  • Available with low protein-binding Omega, Bio-Inert, wwPTFE membranes, and nucleic acid binding glass fiber membranes
  • wwPTFE is an all-purpose, hydrophilic membrane that offers low protein binding and low levels of UV-absorbing extractables
  • Nucleic acid binding (NAB) Nanoseps have a unique dual layer glass fiber membrane allowing isolation of all nucleic acids
  • Constructed of low-binding polypropylene
  • Ultrasonically welded seals prevent bypass or seal failure
  • Fits standard centrifuge rotors that accept 1.5 ml tubes

Omega modified PES membranes come in a wide range of MWCOs, color-coded for easy identification and result in typical recoveries are >90%. Bio-Inert® modified nylon membranes exhibit 25 to 50% lower binding than traditional nylon membranes.

Nanosep® Centrifugal devices with Omega ultrafiltration are ideal for rapid concentrating and desalting of biomolecules, as well as fractionation application such as PCR clean up. Bio-Inert® modified nylon microfiltration devices are used when samples require particulate removal.

The universal wwPTFE membrane is suitable for sample preparation of both aqueous solutions and harsh organics prior to HPLC or UHPLC analysis.

The NAB Nanosep exhibits efficient binding of both DNA and RNA, with excellent yields due to its unique dual layer membrane. Nanosep centrifugal devices give rapid sample processing and the receiver tubes are constructed of polypropylene, to reduce non-specific binding of biomolecules.
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