Heidolph® Peristaltic Pump Systems, Hei-FLOW Core

Supplier: Heidolph
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CA11009-596EA 3880.1 CAD
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Heidolph® Peristaltic Pump Systems, Hei-FLOW Core
Pumps Peristaltic Pumps
Standard pump drives are ideal for use with applications involving corrosive solvents or sterilized media

The SP pump heads allow fast and convenient tube changes and feature ball bearings and rollers for tubing with 1.6mm or 2.5mm wall thickness. The SP quick heads feature a stainless steel five-roller system to reduce pulsation. They can also be used with the SP quick d pump heads on the PD 5001 pump drive to attach two pump heads to one drive. The SP standard pump heads have stainless steel and polyamide rollers with a convex shape to protect organic cell cultures. The SP vario pump heads can be used in a clockwise direction of rotation only and feature stainless steel and aluminum rollers with a convex shape for organic cell cultures and a removable rotor for cleaning.

The PD 5001 pump drive with multi-channel adaptor may be used in combination with multi-channel pump heads and cassettes. Choose multi-channel pump heads that accept either four small cassettes, eight medium or four large cassettes, or 12 small cassettes.

Flow rates for multi-channel pump heads and cassettes vary depending on pump drive and tubing size.

Convenient large dials allow analog speed adjustment of condenser motor. Pump drives feature selectable rotation direction, overheat protection, and a housing that allows pump drives to be stacked up to three high. Electronic speed control is accurate to ±2%. Flow rates are accurate to ±5%.

Certifications: All pump drives meet protection class IP 30 (DIN 40050) and are CE marked.

Ordering information: Three-year manufacturer's warranty. Pump drives do not include pump heads or cassettes, which are sold separately.
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