VWR® Mini PAGE Electroblotting System

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
E2010-BT-VWR E2010-PB-VWR
89032-302EA 5228.38 CAD
89032-302 95040-438
VWR® Mini PAGE Electroblotting System
Blotting Apparatus
Mini electroblotting system permits quick and easy blotting of three gels simultaneously.

  • Spacers are color-coded
  • Multi-toothed combs designed for multi-channel pipettor loading
  • Each insert has its own electrode assembly

Gels fit snugly in blotting cassettes with transfer membranes, which are then placed into blotting insert

All spacers and combs are color-coded or labeled to indicate thickness. The 8- and 16-tooth combs are designed for multi-channel pipettor loading.

Each insert has its own electrode assembly that connects to the lid of the buffer tank. Coiled electrodes within the insert generate a high intensity current, allowing standard transfer to take place in approximately one hour. Power leads connect directly to lid so that power is disconnected from system when the lid is removed. Buffer tank is molded to prevent separation and leaking.

Ordering information: System includes buffer tank with power leads and cooling pack; blotting insert; three blotting cassettes; six fiber pads; two 10x10 cm (4x4") notched plates; two 10x10 cm (4x4") plates with spacers; and two 12-tooth, 1mm (1/32") thick combs.
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