SWIFT™ Transfer Pads for Rapid Transfer System, G-Biosciences

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SWIFT™ Transfer Pads for Rapid Transfer System, G-Biosciences
Blotting Apparatus
G-Biosciences' SWIFT™ Transfer Pads improve the transfer of high molecular weight proteins

G-Biosciences' SWIFT™ Transfer Pads alleviate the above issues when incorporated in the Western blot sandwich. Each SWIFT™ Transfer Pad can reduce transfer time by up to 50%, while consistently producing high efficiency transfer. The SWIFT™ Transfer Pad technology prevents overheating and power shortages by allowing lower chemical concentrations in the transfer buffers without affecting transfer efficiency. The SWIFT™ Transfer Pad technology combines the simplicity of semi-dry sandwich assembly with the improved efficiency of wet blot transfers, reducing the need for assembly in large tanks of buffer. SWIFT™ Transfer Pads are treated with a proprietary electrolyte buffer to enhance Western blot transfer efficiency.

SWIFT™ is compatible with any transfer system, is supplied with or without nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes, and is available in Mini (7.5 x 8.5 cm) or Medi (9.5 x 15 cm) sizes. SWIFT™ Mini is for 10 Western blots and the SWIFT™ Medi is for 5 Western blots.

Western blot analysis of proteins is a routine and commonly used technique in research laboratories, with 3 major drawbacks. The first is the amount of time taken to transfer the proteins to a protein binding membrane; the second is the variable efficiency of the transfer, and the third is transferring high molecular weight proteins. Other minor drawbacks of the Western blotting technique include overheating of the apparatus, shorting out of power packs due to excess current, and the messy assembling of transfer sandwiches.

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