Macrosep® Advance Centrifugal Devices, Pall Laboratory

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
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Macrosep® Advance Centrifugal Devices, Pall Laboratory
Filters Centrifugal Filters
Quickly concentrates up to 20 ml of biological sample without valuable sample loss.

  • Available with low protein-binding Omega™ and Supor® (PES) membranes
  • Supor (PES) membranes come in 0.45 and 0.2 µm pore sizes for a wide variety of microfiltration applications
  • Ultrasonically welded seals prevent bypass or seal failure
  • Low protein-binding membranes and polypropylene housing minimize losses due to non-specific binding

For smaller samples use Pall Nanosep® or Microsep® centrifuge filters. For larger samples use Pall Jumbosep™ centrifugal filters.

Macrosep® Centrifugal devices with Omega (modified polyethersulfone) membrane for ultrafiltration are ideal for concentrating and desalting proteins, exchange buffer or remove salt of chromatography eluates and gradient factions. Omega modified PES membranes come in a wide range of MWCOs, color-coded for easy identification and result in typical recoveries of >90%. Supor (PES) microfiltration devices are ideal for removal of particulate from aqueous solutions and clinical samples.

A built-in deadstop feature prevents samples from spinning to dryness and the unique paddle shape design prevents the creation of a density gradient, preventing proteins from aggregating. Filters are color coded and laser etched for easy identification. The Macrosep sample reservoir and filtrate receiver are constructed of polypropylene to reduce non-specific binding of biomolecules. The Macrosep has a total capacity of 20 ml, allowing more ample to be processed with each device.
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