Inquiry–Based Experiments in Chemistry

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Inquiry–Based Experiments in Chemistry
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Valerie Ludwig Lechtanski

Valerie Ludwig Lechtanski
When people know how scientists go about their work and reach scientific conclusions....they are more likely to react thoughtfully to scientific claims and less likely to reject them out of hand...

Inquiry-Based Experiments in Chemistry is an alternative to traditional “cook-book” style textbooks. Rather than “feeding” students ready-made data tables and step-by-step instructions, this book provides them with a real opportunity to learn and appreciate the process of science.
Intended to be used by first year chemistry students or students enrolled in an introductory physical science course, the 35 experiments included promote a laboratory-investigative approach that encourages students to “think scientifically”.
Experiments provide an introduction to the inquiry method using straightforward concepts that can be completed with equipment and procedures that are familiar to students. Teacher’s notes and a sample lab report are included with each experiment.
Experiments include: Identifying Unknown Metals, Heat of Fusion of Ice, Calculating the Heat of Solution, Determining the Molarity of a Saturated Solution and the Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Diffusion. Appendices, index. 252 pp., hardcover.
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