Ward's® Intestinal Wall Model

470029-448EA 1298.75 CAD
Ward's® Intestinal Wall Model
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This detailed model, enlarged 180x and depicted to scale, simplifies lessons on the digestive system.

  • Detailed View of Intestinal Wall
  • Large Size Makes Structures Easy to Find
  • Designed by Wards
  • Shows Histology of the Small Intestine in Colorful Detail

Students understand the process of nutrient absorption when they examine the three intestinal layers as well as all the intricate features included such as three villi dissected at different levels to show the entire structure, underlying smooth muscle, lymph follicle, vessels, capillaries, nerves, Paneth cells, goblet cells, lymphocytes, and epithelial cells.

To help students understand gland differences in small intestinal regions, a Brunner’s gland of the duodenum and a Peyer’s patch lymph node of the ileum are included. The model is cast in durable, lightweight plastic and mounted on a base.
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