Periodic Table Study Kit

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Periodic Table Study Kit
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Periodic Table Learning Activities
Learn the History of the Period Table Through Fun Activities

  • Activities lead students through development of the table
  • Students learn to differentiate between element types
  • Recommended Grades 7-12

Through a series of experiments, students are introduced to the arrangement of the periodic table, the characteristics of the elements in different periods and groups of the table, and the key differences between metals and nonmetals. Students evaluate the luster, density, and thermal and electrical conductivity of a variety of metals, then investigate physical and chemical properties of metals and nonmetals. Students test the bleaching ability of chlorine and iodine and test for the presence of starch.

Ordering information: Materials include all materials required for experiments, Vocabulary worksheets, Experiment worksheets, Reproducible laboratory procedures, Crossword puzzle, Test, Research project on historical aspects of the periodic table, and Answer keys. Materials Required but not Included: Balance, 1.5 Volt battery, Alcohol burners, and General laboratory supplies.
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