Impinger, Air Sampling, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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89059-376EA 294.94 CAD
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Impinger, Air Sampling, Ace Glass Incorporated
Samplers Air Samplers
This high velocity impinger (Ref

AGI-30/AGI-4) passes 12.5L/min (+/-4%, corrected to engineering standard gas conditions) when the pressure drop across the orifice is 41cm Hg. or greater. Tip of capillary stem is 30mm from the flask bottom, which provides an increase in the collection of viable vegetative cells. Joint is a [ST] 24/25. Capacity is approximately 125mL. The center tube is 11mm O.D.; side is 8mm O.D. (with bulge). Fabricated from borosilicate glass.

Ordering information: Available as a complete item, with bottle and tube, or components may be purchased separately.
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