Ace-Thred Coupling, Nylon or PTFE, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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76318-490EA 70.58 CAD
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Ace-Thred Coupling, Nylon or PTFE, Ace Glass Incorporated
Connectors Connectors, Tubing
Used to couple threading columns together, or to end fittings with single o-ring seal for leak-tight engagement and with no significant size reduction in I.D

This coupling has 'front seals', which means that the o-ring on the Ace-Thred connections is located at the BOTTOM of the threads rather than at the top. This provides a better, more consistent seal. This is critical for pressure applications, and it also prevents viscous materials from migrating up into the threads.

Can also be used for coupling manifolds. Ace-Thred size listed refers to inside diameter of threads and corresponds to the column diameter.

Ordering information: Supplied with either two FETFE or two EPDM O-Rings. FETFE is an Ace Glass exclusive compound, a fluoroelastomer with TFE additives. It has good compression set along with excellent temperature and chemical compatibility. FETFE is a USP Class VI material. EPDM is an elastomer prepared from Ethylene and Propylene Monomers. It has excellent resistance to water, steam, and polar solvents, as well as ozone and sunlight. EPDM is also resistant to alcohols, glycol, and phosphate ester hydraulic fluid. When using EPDM O-Rings, the following should be avoided: non-polar solvents, petroleum oil, and aromatic fuels.
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