Supracap™ 100 Depth Filter Capsules, Pall Laboratory

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
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Supracap™ 100 Depth Filter Capsules, Pall Laboratory
Filters Membrane Filter Capsules
Supracap™ 100 depth filter capsules are ideal prefilters made with Seitz® high performance depth filter media for the removal of unwanted solids from solutions in laboratory and process development applications.

  • Scalable
  • Low hold-up volume
  • Increased recovery
  • Three grades available

Supracap 100 capsules feature low hold-up volume that allows for increased product recovery and that requires low post-use rinse volumes.

Supracap 100 capsules are offered in three depth filter grades: Seitz Bio 20, Seitz P-series, and Seitz HP-series.

The Seitz Bio 20 media grade is made of highly purified natural and modified celluloses and is free from inorganic materials. Seitz Bio 20 media is ideal for ion sensitive products such as therapeutic proteins, dialysis solutions, and protein-based diagnostics.

Seitz P-series media are comprised of cellulose fibers, filter aids (diatomaceous earth and perlite), and resins. This grade is recommended for coarse filtration in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

The typical sample volume for the Supracap 100 depth filter capsules is 3 to 100 liters.

Certifications: All plastic components used in construction meet the specifications for Biological Reactivity Tests In Vivo for Class VI Plastics (121 °C) as described in the current United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

Ordering information: Supracap 100 capsules are available in 5 and 10" sizes. Housing head and bowl are made of polypropylene. O-rings are made of silicon elastomers.
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