Glycylglycine (Gly-Gly)

Supplier: TCI
G0124-100G G0124-25G G0124-500G
TCG0124-025GEA 76.79 CAD
TCG0124-025G TCG0124-500G TCG0124-100G
Glycylglycine (Gly-Gly)
Proteins and Peptides
  • Melting point: 260 °C
  • GHS symbol and signal word: GHS07 and warning
  • EINECS: 209-127-8
  • Merck index: 14,04503
  • Solubility in water: Transparency
  • Drying loss: Max. 0.2%
  • Ignition residue (sulfate): Max. 0.05%

Product Categories: Bioscience, Buffer-related Reagents, Oligopeptides
Other Product Names / Synonyms: H-Gly-Gly-OH, Diglycine
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