I.C. Cleanroom Lotion, R & R Lotion

Supplier: R & R Lotion
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I.C. Cleanroom Lotion, R & R Lotion
Skin Care Skin Creams Hand and Body Lotions
I.C. pre-gloving, fragrance-free lotion helps relieve dermatitis symptoms.

  • Greaseless
  • Contains no Silicones, Lanolins, Mineral Oil, or Glycerins
  • Anti-static and non-contaminating
  • Fragrance- and dye-free
  • Can be used before gloving

Fragrance- and dye-free I.C

Because dry skin can reduce the conductivity of grounding wrist straps, and this lotion moisturizes skin without introducing electrically resistive ingredients, it can help to meet American National Standards Institute/Electrostatic Discharge Association (ANSI/ESDA) S20.20 requirements. The lotion is available in a variety of packaging options. It also contains botanical extracts of blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry, green coffee bean, green tea, grape seed, and acai berry.

Cleanroom Lotion meets Class 1 cleanroom requirements and is static dissipative for use in electrostatic protected areas. It is compatible with latex and nitrile gloves to reduce the risk of glove degradation, and with CHG (chlorhexidine gluconate), an anti-pathogen commonly used in hospitals to reduce the risk of deactivating interference. It does not contain glycerin, mineral oil, silicones, or lanolin, any of which may contaminate integrated circuit (I.C.) boards during manufacturing or handling. This lotion moisturizes dry skin with a combination of ingredients, including the humectant propylene glycol and vitamins A, D, and E, along with succulents such as aloe vera, jojoba, and blue agave. It is made with deionized water, absorbs immediately into the skin for a non-greasy feeling, and is fragrance- and dye-free to reduce the chance of allergic reactions.
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