Pure Chromatography Systems, Büchi

Supplier: Büchi
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Pure Chromatography Systems, Büchi
Chromatography Systems Flash Chromatography Systems
Pure chromatography systems are extremely compact and can be used outside of the fume hood. Choose from flash systems or combination flash/prep HPLC capable of small to large scale purification of complex mixtures. UV detection is standard or choose to add ELS detection to detect all compounds.

  • Small footprint onboard solvent platform
  • Integrated UV and ELSD (C-815/850)
  • Flash and prep HPLC in one system (C-850)
  • Flash- up to 250 ml/min @50 bar (725 psi)
  • Prep HPLC- up to 100 ml/min @300 bar (4350 psi)
  • Lowest sample loss for ELSD (30 µl/min)
  • Closed fraction collector bay
  • Leak and pressure sensors for safety

Pure space. Pure safety. Pure simplicity. Pure chromatography systems are designed for minimal width, freeing up bench space for science. The Pure instruments can be operated safely even outside of a fume hood as they are all equipped with a fume enclosure at the fraction collector and are capable of active ventilation. Combine both flash and prep HPLC in one system with the C-850.

All pure systems can be easily and safely operated thanks to a dedicated software. One screen programming and simple run controls minimize the time for user trainings. Single click to switch between flash and prep HPLC mode, simplified method optimization (pure navigator software), quick parameter modification during a run and auto-recognition (RFID) of racks and cartridges help to achieve the best purification results, wether you are an expert or not.

Make all your compounds easily visible with ELSD. The controlling of the integrated ELSD is beyond simple: No temperature control or cleaning needed, eluent split to ELSD is delivered using a gas stream so no additional pump or solvent required and software-selectable sensitivity for changing applications. Since ELSD is a disruptive technique, sample diverted to ELSD is lost. With 30 µl/min, the pure ELSD features the lowest sample loss in the market.

Certifications: CE/CSA certified.

Accessories information: Over 170 prepacked flash cartridges and a wide variety of prep HPLC columns are available.
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